Refresher/intermediate beekeeping course

This course is designed for people who have either attended the Introductory course and would like more information, or those who already keep bees and need to understand more advanced management techniques and methods, but within the ethical/sustainable framework. This course is also aimed at those who have been keeping bees conventionally but would like … Continue reading Refresher/intermediate beekeeping course

First Visit to West Rise Bee Sanctuary and School Apiary

I was invited to be involved with this project by the Head of the award-winning West Rise Junior School, Mike Fairclough, and Paul Youlten, bee enthusiast from Winchelsea. The apiary had been set up six years previously as a sanctuary for the native black honeybee, Apis mellifera mellifera but had sadly become rather neglected. The … Continue reading First Visit to West Rise Bee Sanctuary and School Apiary

The Humble Journey to Beeswax Wraps

Fab post by Rebecca about using the beeswax from my ethically-kept bees.

Humble Ideas

Being an ecologically minded individual and following the worlds ever saturated issue with plastic it got me thinking one day, when I ran out of clingfilm…. there must be an alternative. So, that’s where I began my internet search and I found clingfilm alternatives.

The two alternatives I was looking at were silicone wraps and beeswax wraps. I’m a natural researcher and wanted to find the most sustainable alternative. Silicone is a very popular idea, but, and now this is a big but, silicone, although food safe, non toxic and easily recycled, once it’s produced it doesn’t degrade, so here we have a similar problem as plastic (but without the toxicity) that once something is made from it, it never goes away. So this rules silicone wraps out, despite them looking rather cool and interesting. Plus, I have silicone ice pole molds and those tend to split after…

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