Beeswax Wrap Party

As mentioned in a previous post, I am working with Rebecca Cordery of Humble Ideas to produce beeswax wraps; I do the hard work with the bees, she does the hard work with the wraps! We thought it would be good to showcase the wraps (and Rebecca’s other products) and also give people an opportunity to find out more about sustainable beekeeping. And there was cake. Thankfully, there is always cake…

It was another beautiful day in Sussex and many thanks to Marie for hosting. We will be organising another Wrap Party in September once the summer honey has finished and I have some more wax. Bees are remarkably economical and although I cut all the comb from the frames so have much more wax than those who extract with a spinner, it is always surprising just how little there is once once the crushed comb has been drained, fed back to the bees and then melted in to a block. As both Rebecca and myself are keen to keep the collaboration sustainable, there isn’t a huge amount of wax from my bees and consequently a limited number of wraps which can be produced. We are hoping to hook up with other sustainable beekeepers so that production can expand, whilst maintaining the small scale of the business.

If you would like to buy some wraps, please visit Rebecca’s shop or comment on this post for more details.

PHOTO-2018-06-10-11-30-19PHOTO-2018-07-02-17-21-46PHOTO-2018-07-02-17-21-46 2

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