Refresher/intermediate beekeeping course


This course is designed for people who have either attended the Introductory course and would like more information, or those who already keep bees and need to understand more advanced management techniques and methods, but within the ethical/sustainable framework.

This course is also aimed at those who have been keeping bees conventionally but would like to understand a more bee-centred approach. There will be an assumption that you are familiar with beekeeping principles and terminology, but this is a chance to discuss individual issues and share experiences if you would like to participate. Or just listen!

Topics covered:

  • Swarming and bait hives
  • Foundationless frames and crossed comb
  • Colony growth and division
  • Honey harvest and extraction
  • Bee health and disease prevention
  • Forage provision for apiary sites

Bespoke courses offered depending on requirements, and discounts available for multiple bookings. £40 per person or £75 for two booking at the same time.

Good train links and parking. Gift vouchers are available through

***If you’d like an exclusive course for two for a birthday or other occasion, I can make a cake of your choosing and tailor the course specifically to your needs, and at a day and a time to suit you. £100 – the perfect gift for those who prefer doing things to having things!***

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