New course dates

It’s that time of year! I will be offering both an Introduction to Sustainable Beekeeping, and an Intermediate course. The introductory course is for those who are interested in learning the principles of beekeeping in a way which is sympathetic to the bees’ natural instincts. It is a good course too for those who are simply interested in finding out more about the bee colony as a superorganism, and how we can help bees in the environment, and harvest honey in a way which does not compromise the bees.

The Intermediate course is for those who have bees and would like more information now that they are familiar with the basic workings of a hive, and have some confidence with the terminology and equipment involved. It is a chance to discuss our own bees with the others in the group and share and exchange experiences. This is so valuable in the world of beekeeping as each colony is an individual: whatever you have (or indeed haven’t) come across will provide a useful reference for others, and it’s a great way to learn about the variability one encounters across the season.

The number of attendees are kept small for the courses, and I offer one-to-one and courses for two if that is required. Prices start at £40 per person, which includes a handout and tea, coffee and cake.


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