Knockhatch update

Today I went to visit the Knockhatch Adventure Park bees to see how they were getting on, and to check if any of the bait boxes were occupied. As I walked past on my way to the Wildlife Area, the bees in the oak tree were flying well in the sunshine:

The swarm we put in to the hive on 9th May was quite small, and would have quite a lot of work to do to build up, especially as we had that spell of awful weather in June. They are lovely calm bees though and weren’t bothered by me checking them.

They were bringing in lots of pollen of different colours; there must be a good variety of forage available for them.

3 Replies to “Knockhatch update”

    1. Yes! They’ve got some work to do to get enough stored down for winter but I’ll keep an eye on them 🙂

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