Sourdough Tales Workshop

The Sourdough Tales workshop with Vicky and me at the wonderful Starnash Farmhouse all about learning about how to make a decent loaf, but also gaining an understanding of the process so you can actually fit it in to your everyday existence, rather than it being a rarified experience to only be tackled when the planets favourably align. Both of us make sourdough regularly: Vicky on a daily basis as she bakes it for breakfast for her lucky guests, and I make a loaf every couple of days for the family. Neither of us are perfectionists, and both of us have to fit the baking in around our rather hectic lifestyles, but actually, once you have the hang of the principles of naturally leavened bread, it can be far more resilient and forgiving than that made with baker’s yeast. It’s about gaining a rhythm and routine for sure, but is endlessly flexible, once you can work with your dough.

First, we talk about what sourdough actually is, in relation to other bread making methods. We then talk about ingredients, equipment, and we demonstrate the techniques involved. Then, each person starts their own batch of dough, and gets the chance to feel and smell the dough as it progresses through the stages. This is something that cannot be understood unless you are physically doing it, and as we have no more than 6 people at a workshop, there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions and go over things if confused. We have a ready-baked loaf to try with butter and jam, and one ready to go into the oven. Tea and homemade cake is on offer, and there is a handout with all the information we cover.

Starter is available to take away, as well as instructions on how to bake your loaf once you get home!

We are running one more course before next year, on Sunday 1st December, 3-5pm. £30 per person, and please bring a mixing bowl. We will have more dates in the next year, so let us know if you’d like to be kept informed.

Email for more information, or to book.

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