Upcoming courses and workshops

With the current COVID-19 situation continuing to play out, I am unlikely to be able to offer workshops and courses despite this being the start of the beekeeping year. Thankfully the weather has started to improve here in the UK, and my remaining colonies are now collecting masses of willow pollen, and flying well when the sun manages to get itself through the clouds! I was also planning to run poultry courses too, and my Gardening for Bees and Wildlife is also timely now that many of us are in a rather preoccupied, distracted, thumb-twiddling phase for the foreseeable. Sourdough courses are also on hold, again at a time when many people might be keen to try a new skill and bake their own health-giving, immune-boosting loaves.

In light of this, I have set up a Patreon which is still very much a work in progress so do bear with me while I get used to the platform. I am putting up some initial posts so you can get a flavour of what I will be offering; I have been meaning to set something online up for a while as I don’t go in to the hives very often, and when I do it is wholly weather dependent, so having a vehicle to show these occasional interventions would be useful. I am also aware that treatment-free/sustainable beekeeping could do with more exposure so I will endeavour to cover this and other aspects of the courses I run to accommodate the current and future situation as much as I can.

Please do continue to follow me on Instagram and Facebook and if you are getting ready for the beekeeping year as a beginner, please see my posts on “Setting up your hive” here on the website. I will continue to post updates on the blog, and please do feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Take the time to enjoy watching your bees, and do what you can to help our pollinators as we are obliged to stay at home and focus on ourselves and our wellbeing. If ever there was an incentive to make our outside spaces productive and wholesome, surely this is the opportunity to embrace it.

Keep well folks, and stay in touch!

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