New Sustainable Beekeeping Course Dates

I have had quite a few enquiries about resuming my Introduction to Sustainable Beekeeping courses, so I am hoping–after the confusion of the last few months–I am able to give something approaching a definitive answer!

To make my in-house courses Covid-compliant, I have reviewed the arrangements so that we can still enjoy the relaxed and informative approach while adhering to the recommended social-distancing and safeguarding measures.

  • I will only be having a maximum of 2 households/up to 4 people attending the courses, and there will be opportunities to sanitise and wash hands whenever necessary
  • I will email the course notes over the day before the course for you to print and bring as you wish
  • We will of course have tea and cake (yes – don’t panic!) but I will be ‘mother’, and we will minimise handing of cups and cutlery
  • Masks will be worn on arrival and until everyone is seated, and if there is a requirement for closer proximity
  • I will duplicate the hands-on elements so there is no need for them to pass between people
  • Course fees can be carried forward or refunded in the event of any confirmed or suspected illness without penalty so everyone is reassured that there is no obligation to attend

I really hope these measures will allow people who want to learn about honey bees and sustainable beekeeping can come along. We are all feeling our way somewhat but if you have considered beekeeping and would like to find out more, these are the dates available for the rest of this year:

  • 5th and 19th September
  • 3rd and 17th October
  • 7th and 21st November

Prices are Β£60 per person, or Β£100 for two booking at the same time. I can also run courses for up to 5 people in a household or ‘bubble’ – please email me for details. There are more dates available from January onwards; please see the main Course tab for those.

Previously I would have suggested waiting until the new year as that is nearer the start of the beekeeping season, but given the uncertainty going forward I would strongly advise getting organised as soon as you see fit. I now have a Patreon where you can catch up and get prepared for your equipment and bees as soon as they become ready.

Please contact me at if you need further details.

2 thoughts on “New Sustainable Beekeeping Course Dates

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Looked at your patreon page, great idea. was wondering about signing up for the Wayward Beekeeper plus. I don’t think I necessarily need the zoom every month but it would be really helpful if I could ask your advice . I am still very much a beginner and it would be so great to have your help. Particularly so as I really love your approach to bees (but actually many other things too including guinea pigs and cake!) .I have one colony of bees in my top bar and an empty Warre hive which I am really keen to properly get the hang of next time around.

    Wish I could beam myself over to yours for tea and homemade bread and meet Rhubarb and the gang in person but this would be really brilliant too.

    Many thanks

    Pen xo

    1. Hi Pen! Thank you so much! The beauty of the Patreon is that you can alter your tier as you see fit, so if you need more guidance then it’s there, but then you can go down to the maintenance level for general advice if you feel that’s all you need.
      And yes, it would be great to meet in person but I am finding the Patreon is developing in to a nice little community of like-minded Beeks, which is exactly what I was wanting to achieve πŸ™‚

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