Bee Courses for Christmas

This Christmas is going to be a strange one for many, although less so for me as I usually spend Christmas Day on my own or with my children, and actually I find it blissfully relaxing! My older two have moved away so now it’s just Rosie and me, and this year we have our new pup, Ned. I really enjoy cooking, baking, decorating the house, candles, music, ridiculously cheesy films and the general happy chaos in the run up to Christmas, but the 23rd-27th December is the only time of the year I feel justified in taking a few proper days off – after I’ve fed and watered the animals that is, and whatever the government regulations, I am still very much inclined to give the virus a wide berth if I possibly can.

Consequently I am used to sending off badly-wrapped Christmas packages, or buying courses as gifts. I try and support small businesses and local sellers so Etsy/eBay is my go to for something special. One year I bought my darling Pa a wood-turning course through Craft Courses as my parents had moved to the Isle of Wight the previous year and I wanted to give him the chance to meet someone new and visit a different part of the island, and I bought my son a journalling workshop for his birthday near his Uni-town. I market my Introduction to Sustainable Beekeeping Course and my Gardening for Bees & Wildlife Course through this platform as well as the Sustainable Beekeeping in a Box and it is great to have the bookings and advertising carried out by a designated team. I think the pandemic has helped us appreciate art, crafts and new skills, and – yes, I’m biased! – people who share their passion and knowledge to further our experiences and enjoyment. Making something or learning new things is such a human thing to do, and a positive contribution to our mental health and wellbeing.

If you would like to purchase any of the courses as presents I can send you a flyer to print off and put in a card for the recipient. The Beekeeping in a Box can also be packaged as a gift and sent to any address in the UK.

Unfortunately there is no provision to give a Patreon subscription as a gift, but if you are someone who enjoys buying gifts for yourself, why not treat yourself to some real-time guidance and information before taking the plunge with beekeeping with the Associate Beekeeper tier, or join in discussions as a Beekeeper.

Please email me at for more details. Covid restrictions may mean the course dates need to be changed, but of course any purchases can be rescheduled.

2 thoughts on “Bee Courses for Christmas

    1. Your art is beautiful – I have another website too πŸ™‚ – thanks for the tip off to your other blog. I love th Fieldfare posts!

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