Beekeeping Poster

I designed this poster a few years ago, as I wanted an aide memoire that was less focussed on traditional beekeeping, and more about honey bees. If we want to keep bees in tune with their natural development and lifecycle, it’s important to have a greater understanding of how bees function and many of the visual resources use beekeepers holding frames, smokers, honey extraction, marked and clipped queens, Varroa mites, different diseases etc etc. I wanted something that showed the whole process of beekeeping from a bee colony perspective rather than that of livestock management.

On my Sustainable Beekeeping courses I often refer to the poster, and having it in A2 format means it can go on the wall of your bee room or study as a handy reminder of the basic principles of colony life. Using this as the keystone is a great way to remind ourselves of the bees’ needs.

It’s available for £10 including free UK postage, or £16 for worldwide. Please email me at if you have any specific requirements such as a gift message, or specific postal instructions. Click here to buy.

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