Spring Thermosolar Check

At last: some Spring-like weather! Lots of swarms around so I had planned my day to visit the Thermosolar bees remarkably well. They were looking bonny – here’s a slo-mo:

I didn’t do a particularly invasive check as there were people on site and the bees aren’t the friendliest colony, so I checked the board and under the lid. They haven’t started building in the super I put on last time so no need to panic that they’ll run out of room.

There are a few mites but I’ll check next time I’m there – the bees are busy and bringing in lots of pollen so I’ve no concerns regarding the general health of the colony.

The other hive is ready to receive bees once I get a swarm:

I checked the bait hive but there was no activity, so I went for a wander around the site. The flowers are incredibly late but there is lots of hawthorn still around, and the ox-eye daisies are about to burst forth.

4 Replies to “Spring Thermosolar Check”

  1. Jen, is that your bait hive on that pole ???? That’s a very fancy little number, if so !!!

    Rgds, KIRSTY

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