Themosolar Swarm Update

A glorious day, and the daisies have popped up almost overnight! Great to see such a swathe of these: they are not only good pollinator plants but also provide some nice tall cover for mammals. The blackthorn has gone over now, as has much of the hawthorn but this late spring does mean the traditional “June Gap” that beekeepers dread – when the trees finish flowering and before the summer flowers appear meaning a dearth of forage – doesn’t appear to be much of an issue in 2021. The hemlock and other umbellifers are just coming out too, meaning a fresh white palette to the site.

I went to see how the newly-installed swarm was getting on:

It’s bet to leave swarms for a few weeks just to settle in but I am pretty sure this is a prime swarm so is less likely to be disturbed if I have a rummage in the next 10 days or so. There is some comb in there already so the queen should be able to get laying straightaway.

The existing colony were their usual cheerful self, and I am waiting for them to sort themselves out with their new queen (sincerely hoping she mates with drones who have a more pleasing disposition…). There seems to be a bit of wax moth on the inspection board but still very few mites, as well as evidence of hygienic behaviour.

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