Meadow flowers and the Thermosolar hives

It was a rather murky day for my visit to the Thermosolar bees, but the meadow areas were brimming with bees and butterflies. Marbled White, Meadow Brown, a couple of Small Skippers were flitting above the flowers and grasses, joined by a variety of bees and flies. There were also numerous banded snails which looked extremely pretty against the daisies.

I walked through the thigh-high daisies and knapweed to see how the hives were getting on. Being a cool and breezy day, I didn’t worry to disturb the bees as there was pollen coming in and the bees seemed happy enough. I did give them a super as the weather is meant to improve next week and they might get busy! The hives are so well insulated I do want to ensure they have sufficient room not only to grow but also to cool the combs if they need to.

I looked at the Varroa inspection board on the first hive (the swarm I collected on 3rd June) and there was one mite, so that’s really good.

The numbers might start to build up as the brood starts to hatch as the mites breed in the cells with the developing bee grubs.

I didn’t open the other hive but the board was also scattered with a handful of Varroa so again, not a problem.

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