New Ideas

As some of you may know, I have recently published some birdwatching booklets, and I am considering finding a way of using my illustrations, writing, and new-found publishing skills to produce something to promote wildlife/beekeeping/forage provision/sustainable beekeeping to a wider audience. I am not sure how best to do this though, as I am a bit torn between a reference book or more of an inspirational guide. How much emphasis on bees? And indeed honey bees? I suppose my start point is the Gardening for Bees & Wildlife course which never really got going as I launched it in 2020 which I’m sure we all agree, wasn’t the best year to start, well, anything.

So perhaps a Gardening for Bees & Wildlife book? But how to make it stand out from all the others. I was also considering developing an online version of the in-person course but I wonder a bit about how viable that is with Zoom-fatigue, and I find the sights and sounds and smells are somehow easier to communicate through words and pictures than via a video.

Dear readers, what do you think? I do try, with my GB&W course, to give a bit more than the usual Sunday-papers-colour-supplement fare regarding gardening for wildlife by adding some methodology and rigour to the proceedings, and my experiences as a beekeeper add something to the whole. I would like the chance to redress the greenwash balance, and the book would be fun to put together.

I was speaking to a friend about my decision to stop offering intro courses, and he pointed out that in a way, rather than teaching beekeeping, it’s more of a philosophy and a mindset, and I think I might be able to communicate that as effectively – and certainly to more people – via a book than beekeeping or indeed gardening courses.

What do you think? I promise to incorporate some cake recipes…

2 Replies to “New Ideas”

  1. Jen, A book please. I don’t know who said it but ‘ all man’s knowledge is in books’ and how true that is. I’ve just got back to printing after after eliminating (almost) all of the round the house jobs. Lovely photographs on this post too. All the best, John

    1. Thank you John, I think it’s the way to go. I wrote a ‘bee book’ a couple of years ago but lost a load of it when my laptop crashed. I still have about 15,000 words of it though!! 😉

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