New Ideas

This year is going to be a little different here at Wayward Bee. I have transferred much of my operation to places beyond Shawpits, so the hens are over at Starnash Farmhouse, and my bee commitments will revolve around the Thermosolar hives, the wild-living bees at Selmeston, and other hives I visit as part of my mentoring program. The sustainable beekeeping will mostly be channeled through my Patreon, but there will be other bee interactions that I’ll share here.

I’m hoping to have some juicy wildlife gardening/biodiversity projects too, and it’ll be fun to document them both here on the blog and over on my Instagram.

I will also be running some courses again as part of the workshop program over at Starnash, and carrying on with the baking and sourdough. I’ve just taken delivery of a large Hodmedod’s order which I am excited to get stuck in to!

It’s taken me a while to find my direction as not only are we all navigating our way through these peri-pandemic times (not sure if we are fully “post” yet!) and within the last two years there have been the inevitable, inexorable changes that have slightly gone unnoticed, what with the covid backdrop we have become uncomfortably accustomed to. Meanwhile the biodiversity issues continue apace, so I am looking forward to seeing the changes in the areas I can make a difference.

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