How are they doing?

I wanted to see how the free-range bees at Selmeston were getting on after their relocation. I was concerned that they might be too traumatised by the interference and subsequent robbing but I need not have worried:

I have a full update on my Patreon but they seem to be using the back and sides to enter the hive, although you can see the prodigious propolising that’s going on to secure the hive and modify the entrance. The bees at the actual entrance were doing a great job of fending off wasps and robber bees, so I really hope they build down in to that box. There were still a few drones about but basically, they look fine. I saw fat packs of pollen going in and the workers’ general demeanour reassured me that the Queen wasn’t damaged or lost in the process which is a tremendous relief.

A wonderful outcome!

2 Replies to “How are they doing?”

  1. Hi Jen, My name is Anne Cox and I am a friend of Nicky Winterton, I was entering into my third season of beekeeping but sadly they did not make it through the winter, not sure why, there were plenty of stores. I don’t know if you still collect swarms later on but if you needed a home for some bees could you let me know. I was so enjoying them, thank you so much

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