Pumpkin Gnocchi

I am loving the pumpkins this year, and have been the lucky recipient of a fair few from Vicky’s abundant vegetable patch. Buckets of delicious soup – remember the celery and lentils to bring some much-needed umami to the otherwise rather cloying result – but I wanted to try something slightly different. We made pumpkin risotto followed by arancini which worked well, but I’ve not made gnocchi before so decided to give them a go.

I baked a halved butternut squash in with my sourdough to give it a proper roasting, as a gnocchi base needs to be nice and dry, then mashed the scooped-out flesh in the KitchenAid with nutmeg, a few tablespoons of 00 flour, an egg yolk and some crumbled feta. I was roughly following The Guardian recipe but I had far less squash than they used and only had feta, but decided to go with that as it gives a similar salty hit to parmesan. It isn’t anything like as drying though, in fact it must add a fair amount of moisture even when well drained so next time I will use parmesan. There is a balance to be met, as with all pasta and bread adding flour produces a more stable result and dough that’s easier to handle, but it does push it to the stodgier end of the spectrum.

I tipped out the dough on to a floured surface and formed it in to a long sausage, then chopped it in to little dumpling-sized pieces and rolled them in flour to stop them sticking. Meanwhile I made a sauce (more of a ‘coating’) with a fat teaspoon of creme fraiche, the same of butter, and some dried sage as I didn’t have fresh.

Bringing a large pan of salted water to the boil, I dropped the gnocchi in and cooked them for about 5-7 minutes, until they started floating to the top:

I drained them and put them in a warmed bowl with the buttery sage coating, and served it with a green salad and sliced tomatoes. not very imaginative but the day before my veg box arrives is always rather dull or weird on the vegetable accompaniment front!

They definitely taste quite sweet but I think I needed more seasoning, and the parmesan would add more of a savoury flavour than the feta. I am going to cook the rest of the batch to have baked so I will be interested to see how that works.

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