Omlet Maya Cat Litter Box Furniture Review

No, I am not sponsored by Omlet, although I do love their innovation and design as they really do think of everything! As my attic space is small and my cat doesn’t go outside, I really wanted a cat litter solution that would not only do the job but also look stylish – or at the very least, not like a litter box.

I bought the largest unit as I wanted some storage, and this one has a shelf above the litter box itself, so I store spare food, bags, worming treats etc in that section. I decided on the box they jump down in to as I didn’t want litter all over the carpet, and this one has a mesh for the cat to walk in and out over so that any litter drops from their paws back in to the box. The box itself has a large waterproof receptacle and keeps everything contained.

There is a clever scoop which folds flat and tucks in to the front of the box making cleaning easy. I am currently using Maizy cat litter which works well – and is compostable.

Here are some pictures:

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