New Plants

I called in at Vicky’s today to do the round with the chooks which was good fun as usual. We are gradually inching them over towards the veg plots so the coops and runs can go over the planting areas to clean, scarify, and fertilise the plots ready for the new season’s crops. The greenhouse is also clear now so we will deploy the hens in there for some covered exercise during the housing restrictions. Vera the collie is rather obsessed with these three chickens as they were reared in an incubator so are very tame; they tolerate Vera’s attention with remarkable patience! I brought home kale and another beautiful pumpkin from Vicky’s productive garden, and I can’t wait for the purple sprouting broccoli to appear as the plants look in fabulous fettle.

I then went to Middle Farm, as they have a good range of plants in peat-free compost, and they also stock Dalefoot wool compost which is difficult to find near here. Ned was very pleased with the dog biscuits that they gave me with my cappuccino. Not quite the Biscoff or amaretti I was hoping to dunk but never mind eh…

I saw a queen bumblebee on a still-flowering Agastache so decided to get that. I have chosen plants that like free-draining soil and full sun, as the pots at the front of the house will be facing south-east, so will get pretty baked. I know you can move pots but still…I’d rather leave them in place. I wanted to put together a large planter with some perennials as I think this can look effective, and if they outgrow the pot I can divide them and put them in the borders.

I came back via Thorpes, a nursery near me and picked up some Sylva Grow peat-free compost as they only had 2 of the Dalefoot potting composts at the farm. I found some bright white cyclamen and soft white hellebores, which I paired with some Hedera in a pot on the patio at the back of the house which is shady. I got some pansies in a variegated pink just to brighten up some pots that we were going to be putting bulbs, and a few herbs – bay, two types of thyme and some oregano – to put in another pot. This is just outside the kitchen so will be handy, and the hot summer sun on that wall should bring out the best in them. I also bought a variegated Ficus as we have some good areas for houseplants and I thought this would add a bit of interest on top of a little cupboard we have just relocated to the dining room. The guinea pigs have a new run (yes, more Omlet) which means they can graze the front lawn area as well as get some much-needed sunshine in spite of the cold temperatures. I will take some more photos tomorrow – I keep forgetting that it’s dark at 4pm!

Here are some photos of the new pots in slightly better light!

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