Make your own Baked Beans

I recently ordered some goodies from Hodmedod’s, including some Red Fox Carlin Peas. I wanted to make some baked beans as we eat a lot, especially now my daughter is home, and much as I like the Whole Earth or Mr Organic ones, I wanted to try making them myself. I used a pastiche of recipes…anyone else do that? I search around and see different things crop up and think ‘ooh that sounds nice’ and ‘maybe I’ll add that’ and it’s nothing like the original. I also had cooked a vast quantity of peas as it doesn’t take more effort or energy to cook a large pan as they need a rolling boil for the first ten minutes and that’s difficult to do in a small saucepan.

I wanted to make them vegan so I used:

  • finely chopped onion, garlic, and yellow pepper sautéed in olive oil
  • passata
  • cider vinegar
  • soft brown sugar
  • a little bit of ginger for warmth
  • smoked sweet paprika

I cooked the sauce for ten minutes or so and then blitzed it with the hand blender to make it smooth. It was too thick – and there wasn’t enough to coat the peas! – so I added about 300ml of water with a Kallo tomato and herb stock cube, and a dollop of umami paste which is fabulous stuff. I only had a dribble of cider vinegar so I added a teaspoon of thick syrupy balsamic just to balance it out as it works wonders with anything tomato-y.

With the stock cube and umami paste I needed virtually no salt, and I tend to add pepper on serving, so the seasoning was pretty perfect.

I have now packed up a set of small bags for freezing, and I have two jars in the fridge, ready to be eaten over the next couple of days. I love to spread peanut butter on the toast before topping with beans – deeeelicious.

4 Replies to “Make your own Baked Beans”

      1. Well Jennifer, I have to admit that I’m right there with you when it comes to following recipes, I usually find two or three and pick the best bits/features from each one.

        I bought Red Fox carlin peas from Hodmedods (500 g) and put the whole lot in a smallish saucepan – yes, I hadn’t realised how much they would swell but they stopped just short of the top. 😀

        Then I discovered that my partner had lent our blender to a friend, and she was at work, so I didn’t put the sauce through it but relied on simply chopping up the onion, garlic and pepper into really small pieces.

        The end result was rather yummy, (a fact verified by the blender borrowing friend) and we still have plenty in the freezer! They go well topping a nice big baked spud.

      2. Oh that’s great! Well done – I love being able to alter the piquancy of the sauce, and they look so rich and delicious on the plate/spud/toast/sausages etc etc

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