A Resilient and Adaptive Growing Space: an Introductory Video!

I have mentioned that I am collaborating with Vicky at Starnash with the poultry and vegetable garden, and we are both really keen to share what we are doing, using a great expression I heard on a podcast:

We can talk about making a difference; we can make a difference; or we can do both.

Design Matters with Debbie Millman

So, in this spirit, on completing the chicken duties and slurping the last of our mugs of elixir-like tea, I whipped out my phone in the windy, rainy, and altogether unsuitable-for-filming conditions, and started recording an entirely impromptu, unrehearsed, spontaneous introduction to our little Landshare project with the poor unsuspecting Vicky. Thankfully we are both sufficiently robust in our beliefs about the importance of embracing change with land use and food, and our passion to communicate provides a steady beat to both our thought processes, so although the quality of the video and audio (did I mention the awful weather?) is dire, I took on another more well-known expression and uploaded/posted it anyway. “Don’t let the Perfect be the enemy of the Good” is a good maxim to live by I feel, especially in the peculiar times we are currently living through.

Here is the video:

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