Patreon is a membership crowdfunding platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service. It allows creators and artists to earn a monthly income by providing exclusive rewards and perks to their subscribers, or “patrons”.

Why patreon?

I have been wanting to expand my sustainable beekeeping information and support to a wider audience for some time, but am limited geographically as I live on the south coast of England. I considered a YouTube channel but the difficulty with that is that the revenue is from ads, which I didn’t want. In any case, I was more interested in building a community as there is so little provision for this in the standard beekeeping membership channels. Lockdown inspired me to investigate alternatives to face-to-face tuition, and led me to Patreon.

The different tiers mean I can offer a variety of content and patrons can shift between tiers as they see fit, meaning they can tailor the level of content and instruction to their needs.

The new Associate tier enables people to learn what goes on with bees in real time, with real hives, so they can either just enjoy the updates, or learn more about what happens when before embarking on beekeeping themselves.

For more information about the tiers, please see my main Patreon page.

About me

I have been keeping bees since 2009, and my background in agriculture, earth sciences, and natural history has led me to see beekeeping as a way of connecting with the landscape in a way no other interest can. I have a fascination with feral – particularly tree-dwelling – colonies as they have proven their ability to survive without intervention.

wayward beekeeper


(+vat) per month

This tier is for both new and existing beekeepers who are wanting to access resources about sustainable and apicentric beekeeping.

  • monthly apiary updates
  • seasonal reminders
  • links and articles on treatment-free beekeeping
  • useful tips and guidance on sustainable beekeeping
  • information on supporting native pollinators
  • after 3 months of patronage, a Sustainable Beekeeping poster
Wayward beekeeper plus


(+vat) per month

This is for those requiring more tailored input and feedback with their sustainable beekeeping. In addition to the other tier benefits:

  • tailored apiary setup/adaptation advice
  • notes/write up sent to you about what has been discussed
  • detailed instructional videos 
  • after 3 months of patronage, a Sustainable Beekeeping Poster
associate wayward beekeeper


(+vat) per month

  • I will allocate a hive in your name, and will send you updates about the bees and what is going on in the apiary – effectively a ‘sponsor a hive’ scheme. If there any hive products arising across the season, I will send you a sample to enjoy
  • You will get monthly videos about the hive across the season (February to November) and a written update on what is happening so that you can keep an archive and enjoy the benefits of beekeeping and gaining a greater understanding of bees even if you can’t keep them yourself
  • A chance to ‘try before you buy’ – find out what is really involved with beekeeping before committing
  • I will showcase the different types of hive so you can decide which one may be for you
  • If you choose to go ahead and keep bees, you can access all the other information with the other tiers so you are prepared for what is ahead

wayward bee

Providing support and information about sustainable beekeeping in all hive types and for any level of experience.

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