About Wayward Bee

Hello, and welcome to the Wayward Bee blog and website!

My name is Jennifer Moore, and I live in rural East Sussex. I run a small business based around sustainable beekeeping from my farm cottage. As well as running courses and selling raw honey and beeswax, I am also a swarm coordinator for the High Weald Beekeeping Association, of which I am a member. I work on a number of collaborative projects with schools and community groups, give talks to groups and societies, and am always keen to make new connections to promote sympathetic beekeeping, and champion the role of the honeybee in encouraging good practice for all pollinators and wildlife. I also offer an on-site hive check and ongoing mentoring service for those who want some hands-on help.

I now have a Patreon site for those wanting to stay in touch with more directional learning: Become a Patron!

I also have a vlog about Wayward Bee here.

The Wayward Bee Academy is a way of staying connected with like-minded beekeepers, and promoting discussion and sharing experiences in a supportive environment. Please see the webpage for further details.

I have a background in agriculture, natural history, ecology and education, and I have been keeping bees and chickens here since 2009. I am also a keen artist, photographer, writer and gardener, and the hives and hens have featured in a number of magazines and promotional articles.

Oh, and I do enjoy baking cakes…

Find me on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter, on Youtube, on Patreon and on LinkedIn.

Alternatively, email me at waywardbeecourses@gmail.com 🐝🌼🍯

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