About Wayward Bee

Hello, and welcome to the Wayward Bee blog and website!

My name is Jennifer Moore, and I live in rural East Sussex. I have long been a champion of sustainable beekeeping and wildlife gardening, and – more recently – embracing the regenerative agriculture movement with its applications to food production and how we live our lives.

I now have a Patreon site for those wanting to stay in touch with more directional learning and inspiration for wildlife gardening and sustainable beekeeping: Become a Patron! All my educational provision is now directed through my Patreon as this enables me to support my beekeeping contacts and keep the information up to date and available to all. I oversee the Thermosolar hives at the Solar Bee Project at Berwick, and run engagement events to combine art and nature.

I have a background in agriculture, natural history, ecology and education, and I have been keeping bees and chickens here since 2009. I am also a keen artist, photographer, writer and gardener, and the hives and hens have featured in a number of magazines and promotional articles.

I am also an illustrator and have published a range of birdwatching logbooks. My art website is here.

Oh, and I do enjoy baking cakes and sourdough…

Find me on Facebook, on Instagram, on Youtube, and on Patreon.

Alternatively, email me at waywardbeecourses@gmail.com 🐝🌼🍯

Featured articles and podcasts:

Living Being Podcast: A Bee C. Back to school with Jennifer Moore. Bees teach us so much!

How school bee projects create a buzz about climate change in schools 19 April 2021 TES

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