Regenerative Beekeeping: Hedges

I’ve had a fascination with hedges for many years, and feel profound dismay at the sight and sound of the annual flailfest along the roads and lanes here in Sussex. I still have my “The History of the Countryside” by Oliver Rackham which was a course textbook for my Agriculture and the Environment degree at Wye College back in the 90’s. It’s one of those … Continue reading Regenerative Beekeeping: Hedges

Bees in a Snowy Winter

Wow – what a difference a day (or two) makes. A few days ago my bees were flying, and I was even able to put together a video post for my patrons as I headed down to the apiary to check the entrances and inspection boards. Bees cluster up together to keep warm in the winter, and it’s important that they aren’t disturbed at this … Continue reading Bees in a Snowy Winter

Ways to be Wayward this Christmas

In January last year, I attended a conference on landscape use and sustainability at Sussex University, and I took away a strong, galvanising feeling of implementing necessary change. Then – bam – the pandemic hit which actually obliged me to pursue the avenues I had pledged to consider. I thought about putting my Introduction to Sustainable Beekeeping courses online, but I alter these courses according … Continue reading Ways to be Wayward this Christmas

Beekeeping Poster

I designed this poster a few years ago, as I wanted an aide memoire that was less focussed on traditional beekeeping, and more about honey bees. If we want to keep bees in tune with their natural development and lifecycle, it’s important to have a greater understanding of how bees function and many of the visual resources use beekeepers holding frames, smokers, honey extraction, marked … Continue reading Beekeeping Poster

Selmeston Bee Check

I went to check the wild-living bees as I’ve not been to see them since the beginning of May – not that they will have been remotely bothered! These hives were effectively abandoned a few years ago, and the home-made hives are disintegrating, making it difficult to establish what’s going on as I daren’t prise the boxes open in case they fall apart. That said, … Continue reading Selmeston Bee Check

Late July Update

We are suddenly having a heatwave, with temperatures doubling from the cool rainy conditions last week. I don’t like to disturb my bees beyond the end of July as they are usually understandably defensive and they are working hard to glue the hive together ready for winter. This hot spell will mean plenty of foraging opportunities as there are buckets of nectar out there: willowherb, … Continue reading Late July Update