Sustainable Beekeeping in a Box

Covid-19 has made it difficult for me to run my courses, and given that the current restrictions are likely to be in place until June at the earliest, this means the beekeeping season will be past its peak and those wanting to get started this year might have missed their opportunity if they are wanting to start with a swarm. I always recommend starting your … Continue reading Sustainable Beekeeping in a Box

Baiting the other hives

I received a top bar hive from a friend of mine who I met at the Barcombe Eco Fair; Caroline is another natural beekeeper and wanted someone with the same beekeeping ethics to have her cedar top bar, as she works mainly with Warrรฉs. It has an inspection window (which I know are rather controversial) and as many people come to natural beekeeping having seen … Continue reading Baiting the other hives

Upcoming courses and workshops

With the current COVID-19 situation continuing to play out, I am unlikely to be able to offer workshops and courses despite this being the start of the beekeeping year. Thankfully the weather has started to improve here in the UK, and my remaining colonies are now collecting masses of willow pollen, and flying well when the sun manages to get itself through the clouds! I … Continue reading Upcoming courses and workshops

Spring beekeeping workshop

This workshop, like the autumn/winter one, is a chance to get ready for the upcoming season, and compare experiences with other beekeepers before the work begins. I noticed the willow near me has just started to burst its buds, meaning the bees will have some much-needed nectar and pollen in the next few weeks. The miserable autumn we have here in Sussex will mean the … Continue reading Spring beekeeping workshop

A Weekend of Workshops

For me, keeping bees is about education: they are the most amazing ambassadors for insects, pollinators, the local environment, and relate to the current global situation regarding extinctions, climate change and other sobering issues. Sustainable beekeeping is about not only about how we keep bees, but also using them to regenerate and encourage other wildlife habitats and species. Most of the time, a hive is … Continue reading A Weekend of Workshops

Intermediate Beekeeping Course…and some thoughts

It was great to welcome 4 people to this follow-on course: Tracy, Tracy, John and Jan so I had a sporting chance of remembering names! Jan had been on my intro course, but the others were new to the ways of wayward beekeeping, so it was great to hear their experiences and share mine. I like to give people a chance to interject with their … Continue reading Intermediate Beekeeping Course…and some thoughts

Intermediate Beekeeping Course

I always enjoy the Introductory courses as it’s great to see the wonderment and interest as people begin to understand the workings of a bee colony, but these Intermediate courses are equally enjoyable as it’s a chance to evaluate what our bees are doing and share observations on behaviour and experiences. This course gives beekeepers a chance to discuss what we have done and learnt … Continue reading Intermediate Beekeeping Course

Sustainable Beekeeping course

There were 5 attendees on this course, who had travelled from across Sussex to learn about how to keep bees sustainably. We start off by discussing the hive itself (I work with Nationals and WBCs), and how the bees operate within it. We don’t look inside occupied hives on this course – it’s actually much easier to learn about the workings of the bee colony … Continue reading Sustainable Beekeeping course

Introduction to Sustainable Beekeeping

Would you like to know how to keep bees sustainably, on a small scale? Many people would like a colony of honeybees in their garden, and on this course I will show you how a hive works, and how to keep your bees happy and healthy with minimal intervention. Topics covered include: What type of hive Where to site your hive Overview of sustainable management … Continue reading Introduction to Sustainable Beekeeping

New course dates

It’s that time of year! I will be offering both an Introduction to Sustainable Beekeeping, and an Intermediate course. The introductory course is for those who are interested in learning the principles of beekeeping in a way which is sympathetic to the bees’ natural instincts. It is a good course too for those who are simply interested in finding out more about the bee colony … Continue reading New course dates