Apple & Marmalade Cake

This is a recipe I have adapted from River Cottage Fruit, where I have halved the quantity and substituted dried apricots for the sultanas. I thought apricots would work well with the marmalade, whisky and the apples…and I was right! I made a huge amount of marmalade this year, but I adore it both on sourdough and in baking. I’ve not made this cake before … Continue reading Apple & Marmalade Cake

Cake Recipe for Zoom Beekeeping

Parsnip & ginger cake As many of you will know, I am a huge fan of baking and just because my courses are now on Zoom, I still want to have an opportunity to make cakes. So, here is the recipe for the cake I will have on Saturday for my first online Introduction to Sustainable Beekeeping course. This is just for my Patrons so … Continue reading Cake Recipe for Zoom Beekeeping

Zoom Gardening for Bees and Wildlife

Our insects and wildlife are suffering severe declines, but gardening and getting outside is the perfect opportunity to learn how we can help our bees and other insects and wildlife in these valuable spaces. If you’re already a beekeeper and would like to know how best to increase the natural forage and biodiversity for your bees, this course covers this often-neglected part of honey bee … Continue reading Zoom Gardening for Bees and Wildlife

Ways to be Wayward this Christmas

In January last year, I attended a conference on landscape use and sustainability at Sussex University, and I took away a strong, galvanising feeling of implementing necessary change. Then – bam – the pandemic hit which actually obliged me to pursue the avenues I had pledged to consider. I thought about putting my Introduction to Sustainable Beekeeping courses online, but I alter these courses according … Continue reading Ways to be Wayward this Christmas

Landscape Innovation Conference (Part II)

The second half of the conference started with a panel discussion and questions from delegates. Topics included: Carbon offsetting in the UK. Of course this doesn’t address the issues at source, but for those activities that are not easily adapted such as essential flights or car use, at least having projects in the UK would allow us to engage with them first hand. The private … Continue reading Landscape Innovation Conference (Part II)

Landscape Innovation Conference (Part I)

This event was organised by Sussex Wildlife Trust, in conjunction with the University of Sussex, and held at the Jubilee Building at the campus in Falmer. After introductions from Fran Southgate of Sussex Wildlife Trust, and Chris Sandom, Senior Lecturer at the University, the conference started. I will highlight a few of my personal gems from the day, as there was a huge amount to … Continue reading Landscape Innovation Conference (Part I)

New Course: Gardening for Bees and Wildlife

I have devised this course to show people how best to cater for bees and pollinators, and show that by adopting best practice for our bees, we can help other wildlife too. There is a certain amount of confusion around how to “Save the Bees”, and many – rightly – feel that honeybees get too much attention given the fact we have so many other … Continue reading New Course: Gardening for Bees and Wildlife

A Weekend of Workshops

For me, keeping bees is about education: they are the most amazing ambassadors for insects, pollinators, the local environment, and relate to the current global situation regarding extinctions, climate change and other sobering issues. Sustainable beekeeping is about not only about how we keep bees, but also using them to regenerate and encourage other wildlife habitats and species. Most of the time, a hive is … Continue reading A Weekend of Workshops