Bee Courses for Christmas

This Christmas is going to be a strange one for many, although less so for me as I usually spend Christmas Day on my own or with my children, and actually I find it blissfully relaxing! My older two have moved away so now it’s just Rosie and me, and this year we have our new pup, Ned. I really enjoy cooking, baking, decorating the … Continue reading Bee Courses for Christmas

What can beekeeping teach us?

Beekeeping is more than just keeping bees, and right now, with the world in a state of flux, I feel it is more important than ever. Not, I hasten to add, because we should all be installing hives, but an understanding of a bee colony allows us to connect with the interactions of nature so much more effectively than anything else. We see bees come … Continue reading What can beekeeping teach us?

Late July Update

We are suddenly having a heatwave, with temperatures doubling from the cool rainy conditions last week. I don’t like to disturb my bees beyond the end of July as they are usually understandably defensive and they are working hard to glue the hive together ready for winter. This hot spell will mean plenty of foraging opportunities as there are buckets of nectar out there: willowherb, … Continue reading Late July Update

New Course: Gardening for Bees and Wildlife

I have devised this course to show people how best to cater for bees and pollinators, and show that by adopting best practice for our bees, we can help other wildlife too. There is a certain amount of confusion around how to “Save the Bees”, and many – rightly – feel that honeybees get too much attention given the fact we have so many other … Continue reading New Course: Gardening for Bees and Wildlife