Homeschooling bees

Here in the UK, we have been issued with restrictions regarding social distancing and non-essential visits in order to control/contain/reduce the risk of infection from Covid-19. There has been much talk regarding whether beekeepers can visit their bees, and as I write, DEFRA and the BBKA have issued statements allowing hives to be tended as bees are technically livestock. The BBKA also instructed beekeepers to … Continue reading Homeschooling bees

Baiting the other hives

I received a top bar hive from a friend of mine who I met at the Barcombe Eco Fair; Caroline is another natural beekeeper and wanted someone with the same beekeeping ethics to have her cedar top bar, as she works mainly with Warrรฉs. It has an inspection window (which I know are rather controversial) and as many people come to natural beekeeping having seen … Continue reading Baiting the other hives