Beekeeping Poster

I designed this poster a few years ago, as I wanted an aide memoire that was less focussed on traditional beekeeping, and more about honey bees. If we want to keep bees in tune with their natural development and lifecycle, it’s important to have a greater understanding of how bees function and many of the visual resources use beekeepers holding frames, smokers, honey extraction, marked … Continue reading Beekeeping Poster

The Humble Journey to Beeswax Wraps

Originally posted on Humble Ideas:
Being an ecologically minded individual and following the worlds ever saturated issue with plastic it got me thinking one day, when I ran out of clingfilm…. there must be an alternative. So, that’s where I began my internet search and I found clingfilm alternatives. The two alternatives I was looking at were silicone wraps and beeswax wraps. I’m a natural… Continue reading The Humble Journey to Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax Wrap Party

As mentioned in a previous post, I am working with Rebecca Cordery of Humble Ideas to produce beeswax wraps; I do the hard work with the bees, she does the hard work with the wraps! We thought it would be good to showcase the wraps (and Rebecca’s other products) and also give people an opportunity to find out more about sustainable beekeeping. And there was cake. Thankfully, … Continue reading Beeswax Wrap Party