Thermosolar Hive Installation

It was a beautiful, sunny, breezy day yesterday, perfect for the delivery of the Thermosolar hives from Devon to the solar farm at Berwick by Nick Oldridge, from The Naturesave Trust. Tom Worsley of Thermosolar came along to set them up and give me a quick run through on their operation and management. Sarah and Alister from Cuckmere Community Solar were also there, with Clare, … Continue reading Thermosolar Hive Installation

Thermosolar Hive at Berwick Solar Farm

I was invited to be involved with this project at a solar farm near me, using a newly developed type of hive to help in the fight against varroa, a parasitic mite which can debilitate honeybee colonies and cause secondary viral infections. Currently the treatments available are chemically-based and have a harsh effect on the bees themselves, so much so that many beekeepers are choosing … Continue reading Thermosolar Hive at Berwick Solar Farm