I provide mentoring for beekeepers and gardeners who want to do the best that they can for both honey bees and wildlife. My rates are £40/hour for Zoom of £30+ mileage for in-situ advice. Sometimes just a clarifying chat can be hugely reassuring, and targeted help for your specific circumstances often saves a great deal of time and energy!

To discuss your requirements, please email me at

For swarms, by all means ring me on 07803 744368 if you are local to my BN27 postcode. If you are further afield in the UK, try this:

BBKA Swarm collection finder: and scroll to Step 4

Bumblebee nests:

Bumblebees and solitary bees are completely harmless, short-lived and should be left alone, but there are steps you can take to ensure that they do not cause any problems. Some solitary bees gather in large aggregations at certain times of the year but are totally non-aggressive. You can read about them here. Please bear in mind that areas for nature are getting more and more squeezed as we use formerly unused land for housing and urbanisation, so we are technically encroaching on their space, not the other way round…

Bees in Buildings

Bees love a chimney, and living under tiles or behind panelling. There is no reason to remove them as they will not damage the structure, and if they are up and out of the way they are no more likely to bother you than bees from elsewhere. However, if you would like advice then do contact me as there are occasions when they can be removed safely.

If you see a swarm entering your chimney, the best advice is to light a smoky fire underneath them immediately in order to discourage the bees from settling. Pest control really should be a last resort, and many will not tackle bees unless a beekeeper has first been consulted. They are not [yet] a protected species, but the value of bees in general cannot be underestimated so

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