Intermediate Beekeeping Course…and some thoughts

It was great to welcome 4 people to this follow-on course: Tracy, Tracy, John and Jan so I had a sporting chance of remembering names! Jan had been on my intro course, but the others were new to the ways of wayward beekeeping, so it was great to hear their experiences and share mine. I … Continue reading Intermediate Beekeeping Course…and some thoughts

Starnash Farmhouse B&B…& Beekeeping

I am always keen to meet up with like-minded people, and I love using honeybees as a way of reconnecting people with our environment. I had a meeting last week with Vicky of Starnash Farmhouse B&B, and after coffee, walking and talking around the beautiful surroundings, it was obvious that it would be a perfect … Continue reading Starnash Farmhouse B&B…& Beekeeping

Thermosolar Hive at Berwick Solar Farm

I was invited to be involved with this project at a solar farm near me, using a newly developed type of hive to help in the fight against varroa, a parasitic mite which can debilitate honeybee colonies and cause secondary viral infections. Currently the treatments available are chemically-based and have a harsh effect on the … Continue reading Thermosolar Hive at Berwick Solar Farm