Rescuing a Colony of Bees from the Local Church

A friend and I were recently asked to relocate a colony of wild/feral bees from our local church roof, which was having its tiles replaced. I’ve written a post about it but Kit has kindly let me use his photos on my blog:


It was with some trepidation that we peeled back the roofing felt as we had no idea of the size of the colony


First glimpses of comb



We had to ask the roofers to remove most of the tiles up to the apex


The bees had filled the available space between the rafters to perfection


We took the retrieved combs and as many bees as we could to Kit’s hand-built hive nearby


Having tried to “align” the combs of honey and brood as best we could, the last few bits had to be placed in a rather unceremonious heap as the bees were beginning to wake up after their ordeal and we wanted to get the hive closed as soon as possible so that the bees could settle

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