Sourdough Tales

This workshop introduces sourdough as an everyday bread, to be fitted in to your day, and with a basic recipe that works and can be adapted as you become more confident.

In the homely farmhouse kitchen at Starnash, we discuss the fermented starter, flour, salt, and technique, so bring a bowl and a tea towel so that you can practise and then take home your dough, ready to shape and bake when you get home. We also give you a portion of rye or white starter, and instructions to make your own if you would prefer to start a unique ‘mother’ for your future loaves.

There is also a chance to try sourdough with homemade preserves, and plenty of tea and coffee. Eminently suitable for families and friends, this fun and informal workshop is suitable for complete beginner-bakers as well as more those more experienced with yeast-based cookery. There’s a handout with the recipe, method and more ideas of what to do with your starter.

£30 per person, or £50 for two people booking at the same time. Group/family bookings welcome. Please bring a mixing bowl, tea towel and jam jar to the session.