Summer Beekeeping Workshop

This workshop is for new and established beekeepers, and being a practical session, is weather dependent. We will start with a recap of how the season has been thus far, and share experiences of our respective colonies. After tea and cake, we will go to the apiary and have a look at the hives in situ, and discuss each one in turn. We will also look at honey removal and processing, and how to assess the amount to take.

Please bring your own bee suit, gloves and protective footwear so that we can go and interact with the hives, as safety and confidence is paramount. I have a range of colony situations and temperaments so it is a good chance to see what is ‘normal’, and gain some experience of bees other than your own.

Depending on the date you attend, there will be different things to watch for and so we will talk about the summer season in general. We will reschedule if the weather is forecast to be unhelpful, but I do have back up plans if we are caught short!

Dates May be subject to change.

  • 13th June
  • 4th July
  • 25th July
  • 8th August

£40 per person, or £75 for two people booking at the same time. Refreshments will be provided, and a write-up of the afternoon’s findings/discussion for your future reference.

Please email for more details, or to book.