Sustainable Beekeeping in a Box

I am offering a Bee Course in a box, consisting of a 32-page manual in an A4 folder to give you information on the following:

  • the bee colony
  • the equipment you’ll need and where to find it
  • how to get started and set up your hive
  • how to make frames

You will also receive a small box containing some old and new comb, and a nugget of propolis and a small strip of foundation, which you can melt down to use as a ‘paint’ on the inside of the hive to season it if it is a bit new and shiny. As I suggest using lolly sticks in my frames, you will also get 11 of those to put in your brood frames. In order to bait your hive, I include a small bottle of lemongrass essential oil which is the best one for attracting a swarm. There is also a handy Pollen Load Guide so that you can see where your bees might be foraging.

If you would like to take your beekeeping further, I have a Patreon to back up this course.

This course makes a perfect gift for someone interested in bees, sustainability, or natural beekeeping, and I can add a personalised note if you would like me to do that for you.

Please email for more details


Sustainable Beekeeping in a box

Folder containing 32-page booklet, wax comb, propolis, lolly sticks, lemongrass oil

40.00 £

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