Unsustainable Beekeeping

I started my beekeeping journey back in 2009, when following a particularly interesting module of my Natural Sciences degree with the Open University, I learnt about superorganisms and eusociality, aka colonial insects. I realised that it was possible to keep one’s very own social insects – honey bees! – but I quickly became confused and disillusioned by the instructions I was given for looking after … Continue reading Unsustainable Beekeeping

Thermosolar High Summer Update

The bees have been rather challenged by the weather this year and my hives have seemingly plateaued after a slow start. Dealing with hot, cold, wind and wet needs resilient bees, and I was interested to see how the Thermosolar bees did this year. The site looks great. I love this sort of unmanaged management and it shows what happens when you actually just leave … Continue reading Thermosolar High Summer Update

Bird Flu

The UK is currently under high alert for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (H5N8) so even those of us with a few hens are required by law to adhere to the biosecurity measures set out by government. Oh, if only it were as simple as donning a mask and maintaining social distance… I am disappointed as I have recently – finally – had a few birds … Continue reading Bird Flu

What can beekeeping teach us?

Beekeeping is more than just keeping bees, and right now, with the world in a state of flux, I feel it is more important than ever. Not, I hasten to add, because we should all be installing hives, but an understanding of a bee colony allows us to connect with the interactions of nature so much more effectively than anything else. We see bees come … Continue reading What can beekeeping teach us?

Black poplars at West Rise School Apiary

This was our last visit to Langney Marsh for this year, and it was unsurprisingly cold, with the usual prevailing wind whistling across our faces. Within the apiary site, we have permission from the landowner (the Council) to plant trees. In a bid to increase the conservation potential and biodiversity, Paul contacted Fran Southgate of Sussex Wildlife Trust, who put us in touch with Carol … Continue reading Black poplars at West Rise School Apiary