Selmeston Bee Check

I went to check the wild-living bees as I’ve not been to see them since the beginning of May – not that they will have been remotely bothered! These hives were effectively abandoned a few years ago, and the home-made hives are disintegrating, making it difficult to establish what’s going on as I daren’t prise the boxes open in case they fall apart. That said, … Continue reading Selmeston Bee Check

National Trust Bees – and a whole lot of moths

Paul and I wanted to check on the Winchelsea church bees, and also the swarm from the church bees who were too angry to live domestically so to speak, so Paul took them from Mary’s garden down to Crutches Farm, where the bees in the cottage wall had been; those bees are now at mine, in a box full of random comb. Hope you’re keeping … Continue reading National Trust Bees – and a whole lot of moths

National Trust Bees on the Move

I started working with the National Trust bees at Winchelsea when my friend and colleague Paul asked me to help remove some bees from a wall in a National trust cottage at Crutches Farm. We couldn’t get them out so decided to leave them until they had built up again and were a bit more populous; there are always casualties with colony removal. Having plonked … Continue reading National Trust Bees on the Move