Bees, Chickens, and Worms

I love a bit of synergy. I read a blogpost from George Young, aka Farmer George about gene editing. This phrase (it’s an excellent post: do please take a look) is particularly resonant with me: Of course, he continues to highlight the numerous ways that nature actually has everything it needs and more to keep our planet healthy and productive, especially in response to the … Continue reading Bees, Chickens, and Worms

Bird Flu II

So, the restrictions for poultry have increased to full containment from the 14th December. This is problematic for me as I rely on ranging as the birds’ outdoor area and many of my coops – although they have runs attached – are not big or secure enough to house the occupants full time. Hens do need a remarkable amount of exercise and fresh grazing and … Continue reading Bird Flu II

Bird Flu

The UK is currently under high alert for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (H5N8) so even those of us with a few hens are required by law to adhere to the biosecurity measures set out by government. Oh, if only it were as simple as donning a mask and maintaining social distance… I am disappointed as I have recently – finally – had a few birds … Continue reading Bird Flu

Honeybees? No, ivy bees

I received a phone call yesterday for someone who appeared to have a swarm in their conservatory: hundreds of bees, all crawling up the windows. They’d arrived that afternoon and the gentleman had rung pest control who said they’d be along in the morning to gas them (!) but thankfully the homeowners decided against that option and asked me to come and fetch the bees. … Continue reading Honeybees? No, ivy bees

New Course: Gardening for Bees and Wildlife

I have devised this course to show people how best to cater for bees and pollinators, and show that by adopting best practice for our bees, we can help other wildlife too. There is a certain amount of confusion around how to “Save the Bees”, and many – rightly – feel that honeybees get too much attention given the fact we have so many other … Continue reading New Course: Gardening for Bees and Wildlife