It’s been a year!

Ok, shameless plug here. When Lockdown started way back in March last year, I had to cancel all my courses and workshops, and my usual mentoring visits were suddenly compromised, as in spite of completely justifiable “essential journey to tend to livestock” it was still a journey. In addition to my reluctance to increase my risk, I was already looking at some way of offering … Continue reading It’s been a year!

Ways to be Wayward this Christmas

In January last year, I attended a conference on landscape use and sustainability at Sussex University, and I took away a strong, galvanising feeling of implementing necessary change. Then – bam – the pandemic hit which actually obliged me to pursue the avenues I had pledged to consider. I thought about putting my Introduction to Sustainable Beekeeping courses online, but I alter these courses according … Continue reading Ways to be Wayward this Christmas

Bee Courses for Christmas

This Christmas is going to be a strange one for many, although less so for me as I usually spend Christmas Day on my own or with my children, and actually I find it blissfully relaxing! My older two have moved away so now it’s just Rosie and me, and this year we have our new pup, Ned. I really enjoy cooking, baking, decorating the … Continue reading Bee Courses for Christmas