Spring Check of the West Rise Bees

We last went to visit the bees at the School Apiary on Langney Marsh in August, and we braved the breezy conditions today to go and see how they were getting on. The water was high in the lakes, and there were lots of birds on and around on the water. Swans, geese, ducks, and gulls and a snipe zig-zagged away as we made our … Continue reading Spring Check of the West Rise Bees

High Summer at the School Apiary

Lockdown restrictions and social distancing have made it a bit challenging to visit the bees at West Rise Junior School’s Bee Sanctuary. Normally at this time of year we would be in the throes of BeeFest, the annual celebration of not just bees, but simply being outdoors and appreciating nature – a mandate which the school joyfully embraces to great effect. Last time, we had … Continue reading High Summer at the School Apiary

Tarps on the Marsh

The Marsh today was looking exactly as it should following the high rainfall we have had recently. It is a floodplain, taking the runoff from the bypass and surrounding industrial areas and in doing so, providing a magnificent habitat for wetland species. Geese, gulls, starlings, skylarks, ravens, and a Little Egret were taking advantage of the standing water to poke about for invertebrates. The volume … Continue reading Tarps on the Marsh