Ways to be Wayward this Christmas

In January last year, I attended a conference on landscape use and sustainability at Sussex University, and I took away a strong, galvanising feeling of implementing necessary change. Then – bam – the pandemic hit which actually obliged me to pursue the avenues I had pledged to consider. I thought about putting my Introduction to Sustainable Beekeeping courses online, but I alter these courses according … Continue reading Ways to be Wayward this Christmas

Spring beekeeping workshop

This workshop, like the autumn/winter one, is a chance to get ready for the upcoming season, and compare experiences with other beekeepers before the work begins. I noticed the willow near me has just started to burst its buds, meaning the bees will have some much-needed nectar and pollen in the next few weeks. The miserable autumn we have here in Sussex will mean the … Continue reading Spring beekeeping workshop

First flights

It was a positively balmy 10˚C this morning, and returning home from running errands, I noticed the snowdrops are also out in number, and the crocuses are endeavouring to get their heads up and catch some of the fleeting sunshine. Tiny hazel flowers hold enough nectar to tempt an insect in need of sustenance. I also became aware of a quiet buzzing from the hive … Continue reading First flights