New colony in the Thermosolar Hive

I was called out to a swarm (thanks Georgia!) at Arlington Reservoir yesterday evening: handy as I needed a swarm for the vacant Thermosolar hive about 500 yards away as the bee flies – in fact I did think there was a possibility that they could be a swarm from the occupied Thermosolar. The other possibility was that they were from a colony living in … Continue reading New colony in the Thermosolar Hive


One can never tell how many swarms there are going to be for any given season, and I was surprised to see so many people on the Association’s list…swarms are deemed the sign of “failure” and bad management, yet here are tens of people wanting them to repopulate their apiaries after losing colonies over winter. Perhaps we should appreciate this swarming impulse and wholly natural … Continue reading Swaaaarms

Honeybees? No, ivy bees

I received a phone call yesterday for someone who appeared to have a swarm in their conservatory: hundreds of bees, all crawling up the windows. They’d arrived that afternoon and the gentleman had rung pest control who said they’d be along in the morning to gas them (!) but thankfully the homeowners decided against that option and asked me to come and fetch the bees. … Continue reading Honeybees? No, ivy bees

National Trust Bees on the Move

I started working with the National Trust bees at Winchelsea when my friend and colleague Paul asked me to help remove some bees from a wall in a National trust cottage at Crutches Farm. We couldn’t get them out so decided to leave them until they had built up again and were a bit more populous; there are always casualties with colony removal. Having plonked … Continue reading National Trust Bees on the Move