Wayward Bee Academy

My method of teaching beekeeping is very much about learning as you go along, and discovering new things about your colony as you watch, inspect, and experience the bees’ response to the changing seasons. Every year in beekeeping will be different, and at the Spring, Summer, and Autumn/Winter workshops we discuss the highs and lows in a constructive and supportive environment and look at ways to maximise successes and tackle problems based on what we have observed. As we meet in small groups, we can gain valuable information and learn from each other as we share what we have discovered.

Once you have attended the four core courses (Intro; Spring; Summer; Autumn/Winter) you are then entitled to come along to any future course at half price. This means that you can continue to have help and tuition for as long as you need it. It also means that you can bring a friend along and the overall cost is reduced from £75 to £60.

There is only so much that can be learned from YouTube and books, so by offering former students the option to come back and build on their previous knowledge I am hoping that skills can be honed, and any issues can be raised so that problems can be averted. There are also opportunities to be part of other activities exclusively for Academy members, such as hive visits and social events.

For further information please email me at waywardbeecourses@gmail.com