High Summer at Shawpits

It's taken a while, but it's lovely to have some proper summer weather. There haven't been many swarm calls which has meant I've been able to focus on some other garden projects which I didn't get round to last year despite going literally nowhere for 15 months...anyone else in that situation? My friend helped my … Continue reading High Summer at Shawpits

Spring Thermosolar Check

At last: some Spring-like weather! Lots of swarms around so I had planned my day to visit the Thermosolar bees remarkably well. They were looking bonny - here's a slo-mo: https://videopress.com/v/qPLzPAur?preloadContent=metadata I didn't do a particularly invasive check as there were people on site and the bees aren't the friendliest colony, so I checked the … Continue reading Spring Thermosolar Check